Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Opening Day, On The Road

"Did you get out in the Dove Fields?" asked a sportsman friend, yesterday. "No," I replied, "I spent the opening day of dove season at the tire store." This is true, rather than risk a blow-out for the sake of a few avian acrobats, I got my tires changed.

Silent Running?

First I went to Walmart, and they wanted $700+ for a set of 4 of their cheapest all terrains. I thought better of that and went down the road to Pedro's. "I want some tires for this truck, Pedro," I stated, gesturing grandly at my rig. "You can have these," said Pedro, pointing at a stack of used Goodrich Rugged Trail T/As, "They don't make no noise on the road or anything."

Note Umbrella

Pedro fitted those tires for around a third the price of Walmart's offering, and I watched the progress in the blazing sun. A false economy? Perhaps, perhaps not, at least my truck will now be silent; no-one will hear it coming.

Californians, Heading to Texas

The tires may be used, but they have plenty of tread. There's a moral in that, somewhere, if you care to draw it, but in the meanwhile I'll get busy turning the old tires into sandals to sell to all the Californians who are surging into Texas.

On the Road,


Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Blackhawk Holster For The Glock 21 Review

I was looking for a holster for my Glock 21 that, in a word, worked, didn't break the bank and could be used at the range and for open carry. I settled on Blackhawk's Serpa Concealment offering.

It comes with two mounting options, a paddle, or a belt loop attachment, and both allow several cant positions for the holster itself. Assembly is easy, simply screw the holster into the attachment you want to use at the position you like. Don't be an idiot and overtighten the supplied screws, or you'll bust your new holster. 

Back of the Paddle. Note Cant Positions

The paddle comes with two snap in retention hooks that fit into the back of the paddle and stop it coming free. The belt attachment has two detachable snaps that adjust the attachment to the size of your belt.

What are the benefits of this holster? 

Its special SERPA Technology locks your pistol into place in the holster and it can't get out unless you depress the special SERPA Auto-Lock Release on the outside of the holster. This gives you weapon security. According to Blackhawk, your pistol isn't going to fall out of the holster, which is important, but you also have to be able to draw your pistol. How does that work? 

Mysterious SERPA Tech

Press the special SERPA Auto-Lock Release and out it comes, ready for action. To that end, Blackhawk advertise the holster as having a "speed-cut design for rapid draw, target acquisition and re-holster," as well as a "full firing grip for draw and immediate retention upon re-holster."

Is all this true, or just another exercise in marketing flimflam, flummox and smoking mirrors?

Don't Believe The Hype

I'd say it's true. Blackhawk's holster holds the Glock 21 tightly, in a mechanical Serpa grip. The pistol's not going anywhere unless you use the holster's release. And sure enough, its design makes for a quick draw, placing your index finger naturally over the trigger well, ready to shoot. That done, the pistol fits back in its holster easily and clicks authoritatively into place. Serpa Tech seems to work.

SERPA Auto-Lock Release

But there's a catch. If you have a stroke while you're drawing your pistol and allow your index finger to slide ineluctably from Auto-Lock Release to trigger, you might have a negligent discharge and shoot your foot off, or your buddy, or whatever. Don't do that, keep your finger off the trigger until you're ready to shoot. Personally, I don't see this as a problem, some PDs and competition shoots do.

So, if you want a holster that works, consider Blackhawk's Serpa. It costs around $40. You can conceal it, too, somewhere.

Gun rights,


City of Screaming Tires

A churchperson's truck developed a mysterious flat, and the relative that was going to fix the tire had a blow-out on the way to do so. He rolled his truck and miraculously no-one was killed, though the vehicle was totaled. So I offered to help.

After getting the wheel off, the reason for the flat was obvious. A big spike had embedded itself in the tire, ruining its performance.

Similar, when you think of it, to all those classified documents that found their way into Hillary's secret server, wrecking her chance to travel along the road to becoming the world's most powerful woman, ever.

Californians Trying to Break Into Texas

We loaded the wheel in the back of my truck and took it to a used tire store in Slap Out, and got a new tire. As we waited, I looked at my tires. Lo and behold, the driver's side front tire was worn down to the metal. I got that fixed, too.

I reflect on this adventure from the front porch, after drinking a coffee and saying Morning Prayer. I haven't seen any Californian illegals coming down the street, begging and hustling, but if they do, I'm armed. With a Glock 21.

And that's country life, in Texas.


Monday, August 31, 2015

Texas Border Overwhelmed By Migrant Surge!

A wave of immigrants threatens to overwhelm Texas' already hard-pressed border, as an unprecedented surge of Californians attempt to enter the Lone Star State.

Californians Attempting to Enter Texas

An estimated 600,000 Californians have swarmed into Texas, trying to escape deteriorating living conditions in the one-time Golden State, which is characterized by drought, oppressive taxation and soaring costs of living.

Militia Defend Texas Border

The flood of Californians has caused citizen's militias to mobilize in defense of the border, and what they see as Governor Rick Perry's failure to secure his state from the unprecedented surge of Californian immigrants.

A Makeshift Camp of Californians

"Rick's alright," stated one militia commander, on the condition of anonymity, "But he's not the sharpest stick in the pack. He invited all these Californians here thinking they'd boost the economy and vote for him. 

Fire on the Mountain

"All they do is thieve, trash everyone's land and lay around high all day. They won't even vote for him, they're like a Trojan horse. That's why we're mobilizing, to close our border with California and stop this threat. We don't want Texas to turn into some kind of shakedown street."

Californian Border Surge

Governor Perry invited Californians to move to Texas in 2013, stating that it was "impossible to start a business in California." It appears that his invitation has been answered.

Typical Austin Park Scene

The City of Austin is estimated to be at least 92% Californian.

Your Pal,


Sunday, August 30, 2015

Hillary For Prison

Hillary for prison? Yes, please.

Hands Off Huma, Hillary

Maybe she'll try and pin the blame on Huma, like some sort of scapegoat.

Goin' Down, We Hope

But look, Huma has enough on her plate. She's married to the repellent Weiner. So don't get blindsided by Hillary's traitorous, throw your girlfriend under the bus PR.

Hillary, You Go First

No. Send Hillary to jail, first.

Your Friend,


Mr. Mojo Rising

The West hates and sneers at Russia's strongman, former KGB Colonel, Vladimir Putin, and no wonder, he stands for everything that our ruling power despises.

Putin Loves BBQ

He likes BBQ, he's a Christian, he shoots, he rides, he tranqs tigers, he had the obnoxious Pussy Riot locked up.

How Pathetic

And he's not a Eurocommunist shill for the New World Order of Androgyny and strangely Eurasian sounding gender neutral pronouns, like zirs. You won't see a rainbow flag decorating the Kremlin any time soon.

A Girl Laughs as Putin Spanks Obama

Putin's also weirdly adept at foreign policy. Notice how Russia annexed the Crimea and steadily builds Novorossiya on its borders, all in the face of a Western backed neo-color revolution in the Ukraine. Remember how our sanctions and outrage were going to stop that? No, neither does Putin.

Putin is a Christian

All this puts American conservatives in a quandary. On the one hand, they feel bound to oppose Russia, after all, it's the enemy, dammit, a perceived and possibly real threat. But on the other hand, Putin's Russia stands for a lot they admire, such as a 13% flat tax, prayer in schools, a strong military, no trans bathrooms, and new legislation to radically restrict abortion. In short, a country that's emerging from decades of Communism into a nation that seems a lot less, well, red, than America and its one-time allies against the Soviets. 

Well That's Straight

So where does that leave us? With Obama, of course, and the millionaire socialists who are working away to re-engineer society into their own godless, baby parts selling image.

In the meanwhile, Putin works out.


Saturday, August 29, 2015

Horse And Gun

Riding is good for mind, body and spirit, it's fun, too, provided you don't fall off the horse and smash yourself to pieces. With that in mind, I went for a ride yesterday on a new horse. 

She's an Arabian mare called Wendy, who had been in very bad shape when she was bought for the vast sum of $300. She looks fine now, but what was she like to ride? After getting a cup of coffee at Big Willy's, I went to find out.

First off, she was gentle and well behaved, at least to humans, maybe not so much with her horse pals. She was also responsive and easy to ride, even for a rusty horseman like myself. We walked, trotted and cantered and I thought, "I like this horse!" 

No crazy bucking, head tossing, snaking, ducking and diving, just riding, with plenty of power held in reserve. She'd be fun to gallop and run, and I'll try that later. It turns out she's had good training, though that wasn't known when she was bought. Long story short, I've ridden horses that were orders of magnitude more expensive and much less good.

After horsing around I went for a shoot, and that was alright too, though my groups weren't much to write home about. Whatever, it's all rounds down range.

Stay on the horse and keep squeezing the trigger,


Thursday, August 27, 2015

Anglicans Meet With Patriarch of Moscow

Archbishop Foley Beach, leader of the traditionalist Anglican Church in North America, (ACNA) headed up an Anglican delegation to Moscow this week, where they met with Patriarch Kirill.

Big Membership Success

Kirill, who is the Patriarch of Moscow and Russia, greeted the delegation warmly, stating:

"Your church went through a very difficult period of its history, and the faithful took courage and had the ability to respond to a great temptation. There are two models of the behavior of the Church and of Christians. One involves obedience to the secular power and the powerful forces that have an impact on social development. The other model involves the ability to speak the truth and to remain faithful to the Christian message."

I'd say that was right on the money.

Epic Membership Fail

Approximately 1000 churches have been built in Russia every year for the past three decades. By contrast, the Episcopal Church, which is aggressively obedient to the secular power, has lost one third of its Sunday attendance in the last 12 years. 



Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Morissey, New World Order Shill

Remember the famous Pop Star, Morrissey? Sure you do, he was the frontperson for the awesome boy band, The Smiths. Everyone loved their tunes; they were like the Pet Shop Boys, or the Communtards, only more thoughtful.

But now Morrisey has lashed out at his lame duck, NWO superior, President Obama, accusing the architect of Hope and Change of being white like Shaun King or Rachel Dolezal, and implying that Obama is a member of the Klan.

“This is ludicrous," stated the world renowned pop star, Morrissey, "because the so-called security forces are the Ku Klux Klan to most black Americans. It seems evident to me that black males are being deliberately murdered throughout America as a closing message to Obama, telling him that his presidency has meant nothing and that the division of color is now bigger than ever."

The crazed vegetarian singer songwriter continued, "The final point about Obama is that he doesn’t look overly African black. He’s as close to soft, whiteness as someone who isn’t white could get, and I often wonder if he would have been elected if he had a stronger, more African-black face? It’s a point.”

Piers Morgan, Illuminati Also Ran

Morrissey is a well-known member of the New World Order, although he ranks below Piers Morgan. Here's some of Morrissey's great lyrics:

I'd like to drop my trousers to the world
I am a man of means (of slender means)
each household appliance
is like a new science in my town
and if the day came when I felt a
natural emotion
I'd get such a shock I'd probably jump
in the ocean
and when a train goes by
it's such a sad sound

White people running around in black-face has been in the news lately. Apparently the once-famous Illuminati lead singer for the Smiths thinks that's a bad thing.

Morrissey has been forbidden by the State Department from giving further interviews.

Your Pal,


Burning Man Freak Fair Infested By Bugs. Shocka.

This year's Burning Man hippy throw-down was infested by bugs. "What!" You cry out in amazement, "A freak fair, infested by bugs!" 

Yeah, that's right, bugs, in the Nevada desert. The hippies brought them there.

Hippies Goofing Off Around a Fire

Hippies are notorious for bad personal hygiene, thieving, hustling, and lying around, out of it, when they're not goofing off around fires or dressing up like Indians.


There's very little water in the Nevada desert, which makes cleanliness difficult. Far out, eh?

Make of that what you will.