Sunday, November 29, 2015

Advent Prayer

Listen up, it's Advent. Time to pray, and none of your newfangled rubbish either.

ALMIGHTY God, give us grace that we may cast away the works of darkness, and put upon us the armour of light, now in the time of this mortal life, in which thy Son Jesus Christ came to visit us in great humility; that in the last day, when he shall come again in his glorious Majesty, to judge both the quick and the dead, we may rise to the life immortal; through him who liveth and reigneth with thee and the Holy Ghost, now and ever. Amen.

God bless,


Saturday, November 28, 2015

A Cheery Little Advent Message

Here's a cheery little message to get you ready for Advent:
When confronted with Americans who have seen their standard of living falling for the last twenty five years and are sick and tired of hearing drivel about white privilege, black lives matter, safe spaces, gay and transgender “rights”, micro-aggressions, rape culture, misogyny, $15 minimum wage, and a myriad of other offenses against feminism, these easily offended “warriors” will piss their pants. These trivialities will seem so quaint when they are confronted with an angry guy with a gun on the streets or when they are told to report for duty as we wage war with Russia and China. The foolishness of the culture wars will become strikingly apparent when economic collapse and life or death choices confront our special snowflake generation.
Special snowflake generation. I like that.

God bless,


Another Day in The War on Weather

It's another typically cold, rainy day in Texas, and smart citizens are staying inside by the fire, cleaning guns, loading magazines and turning Thanksgiving leftovers into pies. 

It was hot here, once, but that was before El Nino broke loose and started his current reign of weather extremism. 

El Nino

Thank the "higher power" that our Commander-in-Chief takes the War on Weather seriously. He's taking some time off from watching reruns of the Danish Girl and Transparency to meet with world leaders in Paris next week, where they'll work on a strategy to defeat The Weather. 

Must. Raise. More. Money. To Beat The Weather

It'll be a veritable War Cabinet against the enemy that threatens us all with destruction. And maybe our War Leaders will manage to tax the Weather into submission, which will make the atmosphere colder, which will turn Texas hot again.

We live and hope.


Friday, November 27, 2015

Our Pals Turkey And ISIS Oil

ZeroHedge -- Finally, note that Ceyhan is less than two hours by car from Incirlik air base from which the US is flying anti-ISIS sorties. In other words, ISIS oil is being shipped to the world right down the road from Washington's preferred Mid-East forward operating base.

Now that we can add what looks like quantitative evidence that ISIS oil is shipped from Turkey to the voluminous qualitative evidence supplied by ex-Turkish lawmakers, investigative reporters, and the Russian government (to name just a few sources), we can now proceed to consider one final question: where does the crude that helps to fund Bakr al-Baghdadi's caliphate ultimately end up? More on that over the weekend.

We have to ask, to what extent is the US complicit?


Archbishop Justin Welby Thrown Out of Detroit Pawn Shop

Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury, was thrown out of a pawn shop on Detroit's famous 8 Mile Road.

"This guy came in here claiming to be an 'Archbishop' and trying to sell me a miter with all these fish on it," said pawn shop owner, Les Rich, "I offered him five bucks and he went off on me, insulting Detroit. We had to kick him out, like all the other riff-raff. Don't mess with this great city, that's what I told him."

Detroit Street Scene

Trying to pawn his archiepiscopal regalia is a new low for Welby, who was recently photographed brawling over a flatscreen T.V. at a Michigan mall, on Black Friday.

Hands Off The Flatscreen, Justin.

Reports that Welby was seen hustling for spare change outside of Cobo Hall have not been confirmed by Lambeth Palace.


Archbishop of Canterbury in Black Friday Mall Brawl

Shocking photos reveal the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, scrapping with Black Friday shoppers at a Michigan mall.

The maul brawl erupted after Welby tried to wrestle a discounted flat screen T.V. out of the hands of a single Mother. "I waited all night to get my Vizio," said Toya Laquanda, "Then Welby come in and try and take it!"

Onlookers were outraged by Welby's attempted T.V. grab,  and one angry shopper faced off against the leader of the worldwide Anglican Communion, in what soon became a full-on slugfest. 

The fight ended when mall security was called, but not before a bruised and battered Welby disappeared into the Black Friday crowd of bargain hunters.

Lambeth Palace has not commented on the incident.


Thursday, November 26, 2015

Sultan Erdogan. Terrorist

Fars News -- After being dumped by the European Union for not meeting the criteria to become an EU member; then despised by the international community for acting as “Jihadist Super-Highway” for foreign goons pouring into Syria; and still being rejected by Iran as a route to transit natural gas into Europe, Turkey is desperate to do whatever it can to stay in this New Great Game, even if that means shooting down Russian warplanes over Syria.

Trans Night at The White House

ZeroHedge -- here is a brief, if very disturbing snapshot, of both father and son Erdogan by F. William Engdahl, one which should make everyone ask whether the son of Turkey's president (and thus, the father) is the silent mastermind who has been responsible for converting millions of barrels of Syrian Oil into hundreds of millions of dollars of Islamic State revenue.

Not The Danish Girl

But why worry, after all, as Joe "Butterfly Knife" Biden reminds us, LGBT rights are the "greatest civil rights issue of our time." In the meanwhile, our Commander-in-Chief spends his time watching The Danish Girl.

I doubt Putin's doing that.


Salute The Flag

But which one? I'd have thought that was obvious. Less obvious is the fact that everyone here at HQ is watching a Thanksgiving Day murder mystery, set in Aberystwyth.

A Typical Day in Aberystwyth

Myth has it that the drummer of the world famous pop band, the Scorpions, owned a mansion just outside of Aberystwyth. 



Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.



Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Bushcraft Wednesday!

Maybe you're so focused on the potential for World war III breaking out in Syria, or the Race For Raqqa, that you've forgotten about bushcraft.

Time to end that amnesia. Part of surviving in the wild means surviving in the wild. So here's a helpful video to drum that point home.



All The Colors of The Rainbow!

It's been tough sledding for the diminutive Anglican Church of Canada (ACoC) over the last decade or so. For some reason, not too many people want to be included in Fred Hiltz's church of inclusion. But maybe that's about to change, thanks to the government.

The federal government will include gay men among the Syrian refugees it brings into Canada as part of a plan that puts the focus on accepting women, children and families.
Now we know why the Anglican Church of Canada has been campaigning for more refugees to be admitted: an influx of potential ACoC priests.

Experts describe ACoC as "lost in the icy void of deep space." Whether a sudden and massive influx of gay Muslim refugees will turn the dwindling denomination's fortunes around is unclear.


Turkish Math

Looks like the Turks aren't so hot at math.

ZeroHedge -- Miraculously, there were no further escalations overnight, but as we outlined in detail on Tuesday, something doesn’t add up about the story Ankara is telling. According to a letter Turkey sent to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and the 15 members of the UN Security Council, the Russian warplane, flying at 19,000 feet, “violated Turkish national airspace to a depth of 1.36 miles and 1.15 miles in length for 17 seconds.” If you do the math on that, it means the Su-24 was basically flying at stall speed. 

Our Friends, The Moderate Jihadists, Executed This Pilot

As you reflect on that wisdom, don't forget that the Al-Qaeda affiliated Jihadists who executed a Russian airman are backed by the US. Why?

Our Frenemies, ISIS

Because they're moderates, of course. And we have to ask, why is Turkey even a member of NATO? But given that it is, why not sign up the Caliphate too.

I mean to say, it's not as though we're supplying them with guns and money, or anything.